Corporate Sponsorships

Sponsorship Allocations

Performances: ADF presents more than 50 performances by emerging, mid-career, and established choreographers from around the world each summer to an audience of more than 25,000 annually. Performances take place in traditional theaters, museums, music venues, parks, and other site-specific locations that are of interest to choreographers.

Commissions: ADF has played a critical role in increasing the repertoires of our country’s modern dance companies, having been the site of 689 premieres, 427 commissions, and more than 50 reconstructions. ADF has supported, commissioned, and helped launch the careers of choreographers such as Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Shen Wei, and Rosie Herrera, among many others.

Tuition Scholarships: Educational programs are at the heart of the festival, and the ADF School is one of the nation’s oldest and most highly regarded professional training institutions dedicated to modern dance. ADF plays a vital role in nurturing and developing the next generation of modern dancers and choreographers on an international level. In 2017, 362 students, from 25 countries and 42 states, attended ADF and more than 50% were provided tuition scholarships.

International Choreographers Residency Program: Since 1984, through the International Choreographers Residency program, ADF has welcomed 486 choreographers from 93 countries and 6 continents to ADF to share, exchange, and experience the work and ideas of people from cultures around world.

ADF Project Dance: ADF’s free, year-round program introduces nearly 4,000 youth to dance annually through creative movement workshops and complimentary tickets to performances.

ADF’s economic impact on the City of Durham is more than $6.2 million annually!




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