Dance Professional Workshops

IMPORTANT: ADF 2020 Summer Season Update

It is with incredible sadness that we share that we have made the important decision to cancel the 2020 ADF season, which includes the Summer Dance Intensive, the Pre-Professional Dance Intensive, and the Dance Professional Workshops. In caring for the well-being of our community, it feels like the only option, and we need to do it now because of all of the implications of waiting longer. We are heartbroken for the lost opportunities for all of the artists, teachers, students, audiences, staff, interns, and ADF fans.

Students who have applied received more detailed information via email about refunds on payments, including any deposit and/or tuition payments, as well as deferring acceptance and scholarships. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund the $50 application fee.

As you make your way through these uncertain times, we encourage you to keep dancing. Draw upon all that you know by virtue of being a dancer, fully embodied, endlessly creative, and passionately driven. 

ADF Staff are working remotely. You may reach us via email at 


In this week together, we’ll delve into the Embodiology® Method, a practice that increases your creative power and capacity to meaningfully contribute to any choreographic process. 

Learning this method will:

  • facilitate your mental flexibility
  • increase your choreographic skills through learning how to dynamically and sensitively apply
  • multiple approaches to embodying rhythm
  • develop your internal connection to polyrhythmic, spine-centered movement
  • expand your ability to use movement and sound to create rich compositional landscapes
  • spark joy and delight in the process of creating with others

We’ll engage in exercises and tasks that use African and diasporic principles of dynamic rhythm, fractal code, inner sensing and balance, as well as mindfulness practices focusing on the relationship between breath and rhythm. We will also use a reflective video component, allowing you to reflect on your performance as the week unfolds. No matter what discipline or practice you pursue, Embodiology® advances performance in all areas of performance, be it on the stage or in everyday life.

Learn more about the method and Dr. S. Ama Wray here

For videos of and about the method, check those out here.


This workshop is designed specifically for educators and led by Gerri Houlihan. In it, dance educators replenish their creative and pedagogical capacities through community-building with fellow educators, focused classes that develop skills, and opportunities for engaging in the wide range of classes and performances ADF offers. 

Each day, you’ll:

  • take a technique class that includes reflection time to delve into pedagogical strategies and content details 
  • engage in professional development discussion sessions tailored to address the specific interests and issues facing you in your educational setting (past topics have included assessment strategies and creating inclusive classrooms and curricula)
  • nourish your individual ambitions by taking classes of your choosing in the Summer Dance Intensive

In addition, you’ll have unique sessions that focus on specific aspects of teaching, such as working with a musician and constructing a rich, diverse playlist for class.  Participants will also have the opportunity to take class with the 2020 Balasaraswati/Joy Anne Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching.  We hope you’ll join our community of dance educators and form connections and new practices that last far into the future!


How do we move beyond fragmentation and divisiveness within ourselves and our creative practices as dance artists? This workshop will explore how wholeness, both individual and collective, acts as an essential aspect of our practice of creativity. Our week together will offer a container for you to embody your fullest, most creative self.  

Each day, we’ll engage in:

  • a focused movement practice
  • guided improvisations
  • exercises for creativity
  • reflective writing and dialogue

You will learn to use the tool of your “course-correcting body compass” to support your capacity to imaginatively listen to your artistic desires and potential, within the supportive container of a group. Community will be an indispensable teacher we use to expand our resources even further. Bring your vulnerability, honesty, courage, and willingness to transform through our deep dive into the joy of being an artist.

See inside the creative mind of Michelle Boulé here

DPWs are for dancers who have either five years of professional experience, an undergraduate degree in dance plus three years of professional experience, or are currently enrolled in or have completed a graduate degree in dance. 

Each year, ADF chooses a critical lens that allows us to situate our dancing within concerns that are relevant to today’s world. In 2020, the intensive will consider the question: How does dance allow you to explore and realize your wildest imaginings? The ADF School community will explore this question through dancing, discussion, and marvelous flights into our individual and collective imagination.



DPWs offer working artists and educators the opportunity to reinvigorate their practice. Each weeklong workshop is led by a different artist and features sessions designed exclusively for artists to dig deeper into their individual craft. Be mentored, nurtured, and rejuvenated. 


Each week, you’ll dance, discuss, and explore with a community of professionals as impassioned as you are in 20+ hrs of DPW-focused classes. Further your professional skills and share your knowledge in targeted sessions for working artists and educators.


Enjoy the freedom to also engage as observer or active participant in a range of other ADF programs, including the option to take classes and workshops in the Summer Dance Intensive. Attend performances and engage with your community. Sustain and expand the elements of your dance practice that matter to you most.

WHAT FORMER participants SAY ABOUT THE Dance professional workshops:

“DPW is a rich, collaborative experience that fills my soul as a mover and teacher. I leave every DPW week with my head and heart full.” – Stacey Shumake, 2019 DPW participant

“DPW is a place for makers to ask the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask yourself about the way you make work. DPW is perfect for any maker looking to explore, experiment, or refine their craft.” – Lexi Mondot, 2019 DPW participant

“ADF DPW is where I come to revitalize my spirit and renew and share my passion for dance.” – Sandi Scheuber, 2018 DPW participant

“The ADF has reminded me that the power of dance does not lie in perfect technique; dance brings people together to celebrate our humanity, build community, and ultimately change lives.” – Annika Sheaf, 2018 DPW participant