Dance Professional Workshops

Summer 2020 dates to be announced!


This workshop is designed specifically for educators and led by Gerri Houlihan. You’ll take classes exclusive to DPW educator participants and participate in Summer Dance Intensive classes of your choosing. DPW-exclusive classes will nourish your creative capacities, challenge your technical foundation, and enhance your pedagogical practices. The Summer Dance Intensive acts as an open campus where you can observe classes in action, or jump in and take them. For Summer 2019, DPW Educator participants will also have the opportunity to take part in workshop sessions on PSDANCE! and DEL Essentials: An Introduction to Dance Education Laboratory led by Jody Gottfried Arnhold, Ann Biddle, and John-Mario Sevilla.

for MAKERS | JESSE ZARITT: JUNE 2330, 2019

In this workshop we will move and draw and write and speak together. We will study the works and methodologies of contemporary artists and thinkers (Sara Shelton Mann, Adrienne Maree Brown, William Kentridge, Wangechi Mutu, Jose Munoz, Deborah Hay, Samuel Delany among others). How can solo practice be a means of engaging relationship – a way to link ourselves in complex association rather than a means of setting ourselves apart? What are ways of engaging research and creation that re-imagine/extend/open rather than replicate our realities? We will identify/clarify/amplify the pressing questions and curiosities that fuel our making. We will build solo research practices that emerge out of engagement with our questions. In sharing our practices with each other – we will move into deeper dialogues that reckon critically and imaginatively with contemporary social and political existence. We’ll develop practices that will activate and sustain us over time, feeding us creatively beyond a singular workshop or choreographic project.


This workshop will include daily Countertechnique class, which is a movement system that helps the dancer think about the dancing body by focusing on the process of incorporating information into action. After class, participants will engage in practical Toolbox sessions, awareness games, and movement tasks all geared toward becoming more aware of improvisational choices and performance quality.

DPWs are for dancers who have either five years of professional experience, an undergraduate degree in dance plus three years of professional experience, or are currently enrolled in or have completed a graduate degree in dance. 

The Dance Professional Workshops (DPWs) offer working artists and educators the opportunity to reinvigorate their practice. Each weeklong workshop is led by a different artist and features sessions designed exclusively for artists to dig deeper into their individual craft. These workshops give artists the rare opportunity to be mentored, nurtured, and rejuvenated. 

Each day, you’ll spend half of the day taking DPW classes focused on your workshop theme. The other half of the day, you’ll create your own experience by taking classes in the Summer Dance Intensive. In the evenings, you’ll attend performances and discussions. Throughout it all, you’ll connect with other professionals and hone your craft in ways that sustain and inspire you for months and years to come.

Each year, ADF chooses a critical lens that allows us to situate our dancing within concerns that are relevant to today’s world. In 2019, the intensive will consider the question: How does dance create solidarity? What do we learn about ourselves, our world, and our art form by exploring solidarity through dance? 

WHAT FORMER participants SAY ABOUT THE Dance professional workshops:

“DPW is a rich, collaborative experience that fills my soul as a mover and teacher. I leave every DPW week with my head and heart full.” – Stacey Shumake, 2019 DPW participant

“DPW is a place for makers to ask the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask yourself about the way you make work. DPW is perfect for any maker looking to explore, experiment, or refine their craft.” – Lexi Mondot, 2019 DPW participant

“ADF DPW is where I come to revitalize my spirit and renew and share my passion for dance.” – Sandi Scheuber, 2018 DPW participant

“The ADF has reminded me that the power of dance does not lie in perfect technique; dance brings people together to celebrate our humanity, build community, and ultimately change lives.” – Annika Sheaf, 2018 DPW participant