Dance Professional Workshops

Hone and re-energize your craft in a vibrant community of professional artists and educators in week-long workshops.

Join us for an exciting in-person summer! Applications open online in January 2022.
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Creative Process | jennine willett: June 26–july 2, 2022

In a positive, inclusive, and generous environment, this workshop shares various creative methods in a format that emphasizes experimentation and discussion. Participants work independently and collaboratively with Jennine as a guide, muse, and mentor. They are encouraged to adapt, expand on, and apply her tools in ways that support and inspire their own artistic practices.

Course Components include:

  • Concept development using a brainstorming practice called Idea Mapping
  • Approaches for crafting inspired assignments to generate movement content
  • Methods of shaping, deepening, and arranging content into a composition
  • Systems for organizing content, research, and planning during creative processes
  • An informal presentation for participants to share material and offer insight into their experience of creating during the week

The daily schedule will include a warm-up and cool-down to support the generative process with care. Enrollment also includes taking Summer Dance Intensive classes.


Dance educators replenish their creative and pedagogical capacities through community-building with fellow educators, focused classes that develop skills, and opportunities for engaging in the wide range of classes and performances ADF offers. 


  • Technique class with pedagogical strategy and content labs 
  • Professional development discussions
    • Example topics: Assessment strategies, Creating inclusive classrooms and curricula
  • Focused sessions on teaching aspects
    • Example topics: Working with a musician, Constructing a rich/diverse class playlist
  • Summer Dance Intensive classes of your choosing


  • Engage in 15+ classes with ADF faculty, including daily movement classes and workshop-focused creative or pedagogical sessions.
  • Workshops offer daily movement classes and a pedagogical or creative focus.
  • DPWs count toward professional development: up to 4 CEUs available per workshop.


  • Attend professional performances.
  • Participate in classes and discussions in ADF’s Summer Dance Intensive
  • Establish lasting relationships with artist professionals and colleagues.


Apply here for the Tuition Scholarship or Matching Scholarship. Over 60% of students receive some kind of financial support from ADF. 


Participants must meet ONE of the following qualifications:

  • 5 years professional experience, OR
  • Undergraduate dance degree + 3 years professional experience, OR
  • In-process or completed graduate dance degree

The student experience

“DPW is a rich, collaborative experience that fills my soul as a mover and teacher. I leave every DPW week with my head and heart full.”
–Stacey Shumake, 2019 DPW participant

“DPW is a place for makers to ask the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask yourself about the way you make work. DPW is perfect for any maker looking to explore, experiment, or refine their craft.”
–Lexi Mondot, 2019 DPW participant

“The ADF has reminded me that the power of dance does not lie in perfect technique; dance brings people together to celebrate our humanity, build community, and ultimately change lives.”
–Annika Sheaf, 2018 DPW participant