Experience Dance

In an effort to make the performing arts accessible to as many groups as possible, ADF can distribute complimentary performance tickets to nonprofit organizations that work with individuals, families, youth, and seniors in need who otherwise could not attend performances. We will review applications from local nonprofit organizations and determine how Experience Dance tickets will be distributed.

En un esfuerzo por hacer los artes escénicos accesible a numerosos grupos, ADF puede distribuir boletos complementarios a organizaciones sin fines de lucro que trabajan con individuales, familias, jóvenes, y personas mayores necesitadas de lo contrario no pueden atender representaciones. Revistáramos aplicaciones de organizaciones sin fines de lucro local y determináramos como Experiencia de Baile será distribuido.

Interested nonprofit organizations, as well as businesses and individuals who would like to help fund the Experience Dance program, are encouraged to contact Sarah Tondu, at (919) 684-6402 for more information. 

Click here to download the Experience Dance Application form.