ADF Project Dance

Developed in 1998 in collaboration with the Durham Parks and Recreation Department, ADF Project Dance is an outreach program designed to expose the Triangle community to dance. Over the years, ADF Project Dance has worked with community partners such as libraries, public school systems, children’s museums, Duke Hospital, community centers, as well as the Durham Parks and Recreation Department. ADF Project Dance provides dance classes with professional teaching artists and guest performers as well as opportunities to attend live dress rehearsals and performances.

Valuing the importance of community and education, ADF continues to dedicate time and resources to providing youth the opportunity to explore their full potential through dance. By 2020, ADF’s outreach initiatives included in-school, after-school activities, and workshops throughout the school year and summer.  These programs encouraged nearly 6,000 youth to take advantage of the many lifelong benefits a dance education has to offer.


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We want to work with you and create a program in your school/organization.  In our school programs, teaching artists lead 45 minute to 1 hour classes in-school and/ or after school.   And we have dance workshops for the whole family! Upcoming schedule TBD.

For more information about PROJECT DANCE, please contact Jennifer Scully-Thurston,



On January 5, 2022, ADF begins this year’s partnership with Central Park School for Children (CPSC) to offer creative movement as an alternative to more traditional physical education classes. Gaspard Louis, Director of ADF Project Dance, leads these classes. In September 2014, students from CPSC performed Dance x 19 as a part of the Gaspard&Dancers annual concert at Duke University’s Reynolds Industries Theater.

Pictures from CPSC students working with Gaspard&Dancers (Satsuki Scoville Photography):



ADF Project Dance is made possible with major support from the SHS Foundation. Additional support is provided by Central Park School for Children and individual donors.