Wellness Videos

Wellness Videos
for people of all ages
Demonstrated by
Jody Cassell
BrainDance© by Anne Green Gilbert
In just 10 minutes, start or restart your day.
Enjoy as your body wires your mind for sustained energy, stress reduction, balanced mood, and higher order thinking.
This version is for families and individuals 4 years and older.
2-Minute Version of Laban’s Dimensional Scale
Delight and refresh. Embody your potential.
2-Minute Version of Laban’s Dimensional Scale
BrainDance© With Nursery Rhymes
For children four years old and younger. To be accompanied by an adult.
About Jody Cassell
Jody Cassell began studying ballet at age four in Mrs. Supplee’s basement. Several Sleeping Beauties later her adventure with dance/theater improv took off under Martha Myers, former Dean of the American Dance Festival. She polished her techniques during her MFA at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her first experience at the American Dance Festival was in 1973, and she has attended and supported ADF ever since. Jody’s life as a teaching and performing artist in dance, dancing storyteller, professional development provider, and children’s author is devoted to creativity. Her quest is to lay the foundation for each of us to embody our potential. She had the privilege of studying with Anne Green Gilbert in 2001 where she learned BrainDance©. Jody has used this in every class, interactive performance, and professional development workshop since. When the rare instance occurs (like a fire drill just as she arrives) and she hasn’t started with BrainDance©, the experience just seems off-kilter. These eight simple- to-follow developmental movements use the body to wire our mind/body for optimal functioning. Sustained energy, reduced stress, and higher order thinking are benefits. Jody uses BrainDance© as a great energy guide for her day.
Jody creates Spirit Women, sculptures made from found, given, and self-created objects whose purpose is to unite the human spirit in us all. Heart shaped objects in nature and the environment, shadows, and reflections are the subject of her photography. Her danced films center around the vulnerabilities of life. She delights in working with others in the transformation of their lives through the creative arts. The soundscapes for her dances are created in an incredible collaboration with dejacusse aka Jude Casseday for whom she is greatly indebted. Her husband Ronnie is tech man extraordinaire for her films. Her soulmate is her found dog. 

Photo: Anna M. Maynard