Posted in 2015.

Eiko (who has danced for the past 40 years with her husband and creative partner Koma as the duo Eiko & Koma) is for the first time expanding into the realm of solo artist in A Body in Places. … read more

Company Wang Ramirez

Posted in 2015.

In the US premiere of the duet Monchichi (2011), a Frenchman with Spanish parents (Sébastien Ramirez) and a German woman with a Korean mother (Honji Wang) present a dance of alienation and the search for identity and love. A couple … read more

Paul Taylor Dance Company

Posted in 2015.

Paul Taylor Dance Company will be back to present the classic work Esplanade (1975). Set to Bach and based on everyday movement: walking, running, jumping, and sliding, the dance remains as daringly exuberant and eloquent today as the day it … read more

Dynamic Duos

Posted in 2015.

What happens when you pair up some of today’s hottest choreographers to create new duets that they themselves will dance? You get Dynamic Duos! Superheroes! Larry Keigwin & Rosie Herrera, Mark Haim & Jesse Zaritt, Chris Yon & Taryn Griggs, … read more

Awkward Magic

Posted in 2015.

Gregory Dolbashian, Jordan Isadore, and Deborah Lohse present Awkward Magic, a racy evening of pop-culture-infused dance-theater consisting of unique and attention grabbing segments. Story telling, song, and technically strong dance may take you out of your comfort zone, but … read more