Gregory Maqoma/Vuyani Dance

ADF Debut


Reynolds Industries Theater

Saturday, June 14 at 8pm
Sunday, June 15 at 8pm
Monday, June 16 at 8pm


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Taking inspiration from his ancestral past, South African choreographer Gregory Maqoma’s moving, evening-length solo Exit/Exist blends storytelling with a powerful dance vocabulary and dynamic live music in an examination of race, political power, and the melding of past and present. Maqoma reveals the history and fate of his ancestor, a 19th century Xhosa warrior, who fought to maintain cultural traditions in the face of colonial rule. Through his signature integration of traditional and contemporary dance, Maqoma invites audiences to reflect on who we are, where we come from, and how all of these facets, past and present, inform our personal and collective identities today.

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About  vuyani dance theatre

Vuyani Dance Theatre (VDT) is a dance and theatre company based in Johannesburg and was founded in 1999 by Gregory Maqoma. VDT’s mission and artistic objective is to produce multidisciplinary projects that question and challenge social values while exploring history, using it as a launch pad for research and development. Vuyani Dance Theatre’s artistic approach embraces – in a dynamic and theatrical way – the many tastes, the different motivations, and the diverse cultures that shape the uniqueness of the South African society. VDT constantly works with co-creators and performers of artistic excellence from all over the world to collaborate on their productions, which ultimately tour throughout Africa, Europe, North and South America to great critical acclaim and audience response.  In addition to performance projects, VDT has numerous ongoing programs that involve both professional and junior dance companies, educating dancers at all levels, and engaging South African communities in movement classes and broader discussions around the arts and social issues. For more information: www.vuyani.co.za



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