Dance Professionals Workshop



The Dance Professionals Workshop is open to artists who have completed an undergraduate program or have at least five years of professional experience. The DPW is divided into two modes of engagement: The DPW Intensive for dance educators and the DPW Sampler for performers and choreographers. 

CEU credits

You can receive continuing education credit (CEUs) for attending DPW Programs! The DPW Intensive and Sampler can yield up to approximately 4 CEUs. Forms will be made available to DPW participants seeking CEU credit at ADF. Please inquire with the ADF School office for more information. Please note that number of CEUs are subject to the approval of school districts and the final number of approved CEU credits may vary for each participant. 

DPW Intensive

july 9-16, 2017

_gh13196The DPW Intensive is designed specifically for educators and led by Gerri Houlihan. You’ll take classes exclusive to DPW Intensive participants and participate in Six Week School (6WS) classes of your choosing. DPW-exclusive classes will nourish your creative capacities, challenge your technical foundation, and enhance your pedagogical practices. The 6WS acts as an open campus where you can observe classes in action, or jump in and take them. Participants will also have the unique opportunity to work with Liz Lerman, the 2017 Balasaraswati/Joy Anne Dewey Reinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching.




DPW Samplers

In the DPW Sampler, you’ll construct your own dancing experience by taking an unlimited number of classes in the 6WS. In addition, you’ll take part in Sampler-exclusive classes, discussions, and panels. These activities will be led by a designated faculty member and framed by a central focus.

Sampler 1: June 25-July 2, 2017
Dance Without Walls: An Architecture For Liberation
Led by Nia Love

This movement-based, multimedia living art workshop creates space where “we the people” can study ways to [per/form] and respond to our world meaningfully, powerfully, and truthfully through improvisations at the intersections of dance, nature, and urban structures. With movement, discourse, journaling, drawing, and building small ecological sculptures, we manifest new ideas about ourselves from which communal and global solidarity can radiate. Being outside allows us an immense opportunity to fertilize ideas about land/nature, mind/body, as both landscape and tool bringing agency to our ontology! Our aim is to create malleable networks that bond and aid us in on-going practices of liberating and reclaiming what lies dormant in our mind-bodies and communities. Inspired by a partnership with long-time friend/choreographer/co-conspirator Jesse Phillips-Fein (, we found a way to build this practice of work-shopping space for humanity, creating space where we redefine for ourselves -surfaces and dimensions memory scaffold and aid us in re-membering the self[hood]. 

Sampler 2: July 16-23, 2017
Pedagogic Ethics and Adaptivity: Keeping the Classroom Current
Led by Jesse Zaritt

As dance artists, how can we teach toward the creation of vibrant and respectful creative communities when deep division and the residue of historic and contemporary trauma are often present in our classrooms? What are strategies for truly working across difference in our studios and theaters? What viewpoints are tacitly allowed in the room and which are shunned? What are different models of “rigor,” “discipline,” “obedience,” and “mastery” and how are these terms used to include or exclude bodies? Jesse Zaritt will facilitate several workshops on ethics, adaptivity and pedagogy that will guide participants through a process of talking/moving/creating about how current events play out in spaces where dance is studied. 



All DPW participants may receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the program. 


dpw_group-3“This program reminded me of why I dance, why I teach, and how much I enjoy and need to be around other teaching artists.” -2016 DPW participant

“ADF has inspired and rejuvenated me! I created a strong bond with all my fellow professionals and now have a nation-wide network for future projects and support. Thank you ADF!” -2015 DPW participant