Six Week School

JUNE 16–JULY 30, 2016

ages 16 and older


At the heart of ADF is the Six Week School (6WS), where dancers from around the country and around the world come to train and to create, to see and be seen. Over the course of the festival, students of all levels work each day with ADF’s diverse faculty, extraordinary musicians, and vibrant student body to create rewarding, life-changing experiences. The six-and-a-half week commitment results in the enduring, hard-won benefits that only long-term training can yield. 

In the 6WS, you’ll:

Build your technical foundation, taking core classes in modern technique, improvisation, composition, ballet, text in performance, hip hop, and more.

Branch out in drop-in classes, masterclasses, and workshops.  

Perform, create, and share your work through the Footprints program, International Choreographers in Residence concert, student concerts, and class showings.  

Learn existing repertory and create new works in repertory classes.

Connect to big ideas through panels and discussions that delve into topics as wide-ranging as the dance world itself.

See performances by companies all over the world by attending festival performances at the Durham Performing Arts Center and Reynolds Industries Theater.

Create community through relationships forged with fellow dancers and faculty who are as passionate about dance as you are.  



“My mind was blown, my spirit was enlightened, and my intellect was vastly opened.  ADF changed my life for the better, and I will, for the rest of my life, value the lessons I learned in this beautiful community of geniuses, poets, rebels, and brilliant minds.”
–2012 6WS student

“ADF made me remember why I dance. It’s not about impressing your teachers or your peers or even yourself. It’s about following your passion wherever it may take you, and it’s truly amazing to see the passion for dance that everyone at ADF has.”-2014 6WS student

_GHY0053“I have learned more about the professional dance world and how to go about navigating it in these six weeks than I could have learned in a year of school. ADF is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to enter the dance world.”-2014 6WS student

“Wanting a life changing experience? Sounds like you need ADF.”-2014 6WS student