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June 5 – July 30, 2017
Tuition: $120**
**Special pricing for dancing with your little one: $160

dancing with your little one (ages 0-3) with jody cassell

Saturdays, 9:15am–10:00am
Dancing with your child can be fun, bonding and educational. Dip, swirl, bounce, jump, twist, twirl, and soar into exploring ways of moving that you can also do at home. This creative movement class includes skill-building movements, music, and rhythms which add to the fun and learning. A time for adults to enjoy! Jody Cassell comes up with all the ideas for you and your little one to follow! All caregivers are welcome.

Beginning ballet (ages 5–7) with suzanne beahrs

Saturdays, 10:00am–10:45am
Strength, flexibility, and focus are not the only benefits of this beginner-level ballet class! Students will be introduced to classical ballet technique and vocabulary with an emphasis on confidence and enjoyment. Ballet shoes required.

discovering dance (ages 4–5) with suzanne beahrs

Saturdays, 9:15am–10:00am
This class is full of energy, imagination, and learning. We will learn set dance steps to develop strength and agility that will prepare students should they choose to continue with more formalized styles of dance (e.g., ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, etc.) We will also work creatively and collaboratively to express ourselves and explore music and imagined physical landscapes.

DISCOVERING DANCE (AGES 4–5) with jody cassell

Saturdays, 10:15am–11:00am
This class combines learning the basic elements of dance with artistic expression. The children dance fast and slow, sharp and smooth, and learn traveling movements as well as movements that stay in one place.  They are introduced to the world of dance, increasing movement skills and self-expression by themselves and in small groups. It’s fun for all as they speak creatively through their dancing muscles!

intro to modern DANCE (ages 6–9) with stephanie leathers

This class aims to encourage creative expression through movement, investigation and development of artistic ideas through improvisation and understanding of dance technique, and performance regardless of previous experience. Students will use whole body movements, strength, flexibility, endurance, and proper alignment to understand and develop dance technique. Utilizing time, space, weight, and flow, momentum and breath, students will learn how to move safely and naturally. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to establish a community in dance and safe place to explore new or familiar ideas.


Saturdays, 11:15am–12:15pm
After spending many years with Pilobolus Dance Theater, Gaspard has developed a keen understanding of creative movement and partnering technique. His workshop is playful, group-driven, physically challenging, and fun. Participants will be encouraged to work individually and collaboratively to explore spatial awareness, create shapes and gestures, and learn about weight sharing activities using base/support and balance/counter-balance techniques. At the end of class, participants will have a better understanding of dance making. By eliminating the preconception of what dance should be and exploring what is unique in each individual body, students will discover what is possible.





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