Dance Professional Workshops

The Dance Professional Workshops (DPWs) offers working artists the opportunity to reinvigorate their practice. Each weeklong workshop is led by a different artist and features sessions designed exclusively for DPW artists. The Workshop for Educators features more DPW-exclusive classes in order to give teachers the rare opportunity to be mentored, nurtured, and rejuvenated. DPW artists take an unlimited number of classes in the Summer Dance Intensive and receive tickets to ADF performances occurring during their workshop dates.

DPWs are for dancers who have five years of professional experience, who have an undergraduate degree in dance plus three years of professional experience, or who are currently enrolled in or have completed a graduate degree in dance. 

2019 workshops and dates to be announced!

2018 workshops

Workshop with Ronald K. Brown: June 17–24, 2018 

EVIDENCE’s Contemporary workshop for dance professionals is designed for participants to learn tools for teaching movement to students of all ages and levels of dance experience or for use in other dance professional settings.

Classes begin center floor with an emphasis on alignment, rhythm and using the body to express ideas and themes; strength, prayer, and celebration. Center floor work will introduce participants to the methods and various dance techniques that are incorporated into the vocabulary of Ronald K. Brown/ EVIDENCE, A Dance Company. Phrases across the floor will use influences from western modern dance as well as traditional and social dances from West Africa, the Caribbean, and the US.

WORKSHOP FOR EDUCATORS with gerri houlihan: JUNE 24-JULY 1, 2018

This workshop is designed specifically for educators and led by Gerri Houlihan. You’ll take classes exclusive to DPW educator participants and participate in Summer Dance Intensive classes of your choosing. DPW-exclusive classes will nourish your creative capacities, challenge your technical foundation, and enhance your pedagogical practices. The Summer Dance Intensive acts as an open campus where you can observe classes in action, or jump in and take them.

In 2017, participants had the unique opportunity to work with Liz Lerman, the 2017 Balasaraswati/Joy Anne Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching.

Workshop with tere o’connor: July 1-8, 2018

In these classes, we will analyze aspects of choreographic process in an effort to build functional methods for shaping the ephemera of dance. We will witness, and engage in a shared interrogation of each other’s process choices as we work to locate poetic tools.  Through an ongoing process of constructing movement material, we will engage various choreographic techniques to derive meaning from dance and to find bridges to the world of ideas.  We will also work on articulating our ideas in their uniqueness, cultivating a way to speak about our work and the work of others. Each student will keep track of the methods he/she/they employ in the creation of work, building a collection of effective tools regarding the specific nature of their research.

workshop with eiko otake: July 8–15, 2018 

This Delicious Movement Workshop is designed for all people who love to move or who want to love to move with delicious feelings. You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy the experience. The workshop is emphatically noncompetitive and appropriate to all levels of training and ability. The exercises employ images, body articulation, floor work, and largely slow movement. However, the aim of the workshop is not to teach these. Rather, the participants, through their personal digestion of the material and of the improvisation and nonchalant partnership which supports it,  are encouraged to acquire personal taste and flexible discipline to suit their own moving body. For many participants, seeing movement intimately and being seen moving is a transformative experience, which brings a new appreciation of how “time is not even and space is not empty.

WHAT FORMER STUDENTS SAY ABOUT THE Dance professional workshops:

“The generosity of the faculty and other students is unmatched. I am leaving as a changed person, yet feel more like myself. What a rare gift.” -Brianna Jahn, 2017 DPW participant

“You don’t want to miss out on the DPW Intensive at ADF. It is life-changing, transcendent and healing for the soul.” -Lauren Parker, 2017 DPW participant

“ADF has far surpassed my expectations in my goal to continue to evolve and grow as a creator and educator.” -Courtney Landry, 2017 DPW participant

“This has been the best week of my career. I refined my technique, challenged my way of thinking, and received love and encouragement from incredible educators. I am honored to have been part of this community.” -Molly Harvey, 2017 DPW participant