ADF Project Dance

Developed in 1998 in collaboration with the Durham Parks and Recreation Department, ADF Project Dance is a special program designed to expose the Triangle community to dance. Those involved participate in a wide range of activities, which give them an opportunity to learn and experience dance.

Over the years, ADF Project Dance has worked with community partners such as the public school system, senior centers, Duke Hospital, community centers, as well as the Durham Parks and Recreation Department. ADF Project Dance provides master classes with professional teaching artists and guest performers as well as opportunities to attend live dress rehearsals and performances.

_GH80053Valuing the importance of community and education, the ADF continues to dedicate time and resources to providing youth the opportunity to explore their full potential through dance. ADF’s Community Education Outreach initiatives/classes have encouraged numerous youth to take advantage of the many benefits a dance education has to offer.




Central Park school for children performing Dance x 19 as a part of the
Gaspard&Dancers concert in september 2014.

Satsuki Scoville Photography

 Photo by Satsuki "Sunshine" Scoville

Scoville_20140924-1636 Photo by Satsuki "Sunshine" Scoville Scoville_20140924-1553


creative movement Workshops at ADF’s Studios

To schedule this free workshop, please call 919.684.6402
Looking to build a stronger team environment while encouraging creativity? Invite your staff to participate in a 60-minute creative movement workshop with former Pilobolus dancer, Gaspard Louis. ADF’s workshops provide teams with an energetic learning environment where they build trust, awareness, and problem-solving skills. No prior movement experience necessary!


ADF Project Dance is made possible through the generous contributions of Central Park School for Children, Duke Energy Foundation, Durham Merchants Association Charitable Foundation, Enterprise Holdings Foundation, the SHS Foundation, and individual donors.