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The ADF Three Week School Showings

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At the end of the summer, students of the ADF Three Week School have the opportunity to share their achievements with the rest of the ADF community. Enjoy an excerpt of the their showing at Baldwin Auditorium.… read more

Fridays with Charles: Advice

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For our third and final “Fridays with Charles” post, Charles Reinhart gives his advice to budding choreographers. For your lifelong dedication to modern dance, we thank you, Charles. “Fridays with Charles” theme song by Dave Yarwood.… read more

Reflections on ADF 2011

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After another memorable and exciting summer, ADF students who stopped by Epworth on their lunch break share what resonated with them the most during their time at the Festival.… read more

ADF Scholarship Students

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Meet Shaleigh and Jason. Shaleigh is a scholarship student who drives the legendary ADF School Bus several times a day to the various ADF studios around Durham. Jason is also a scholarship student who assists the Food and Housing Department… read more