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ADF $43,000 Challenge

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David Beischer of the Fox Family Foundation, along with our very own Jodee Nimerichter talk to us about the $43,000 Challenge. To mark Charles Reinhart’s 43 years as ADF Director, ADF lovers are challenged to help raise $43,000 dollars for… read more

ADF School Auditions

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During the first five days of the ADF, students have the opportunity to audition for 10 different projects. Out of 300 plus dancers, the choreographers find a group of people who will best represent each individual dance. It’s a great… read more

Fridays with Charles: The Past

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The first in a series of three posts, this video is all about the life and wisdom of the one and only Charles L. Reinhart. For the next three Fridays, we will share excerpts from an interview with him where… read more