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ADF Board Members

Posted in Festival '10, 2010.

The ADF’s Board of Directors serves to both maintain and develop the traditions of the American Dance Festival. Working closely with Festival directors, board members add their valuable insight to the areas of development, marketing, and outreach. CyberDance sat down… read more

ADF Donor Tour

Posted in Festival '10, Interviews '10, Behind the Scenes '10, 2010.

Over 400 students are here this summer and over half of them receive financial aid through donors’ contributions to the ADF Scholarship Fund. Some of these donors took a behind-the-scenes tour with ADF Director Charles Reinhart and Co-Director Jodee Nimerichter,… read more

ADF Improv Jams

Posted in Festival '10, 2010.

Every Saturday night at the ADF, students, musicians and faculty come together to improvise with both movement and sound. CyberDance spoke with faculty members Ishmael Houston-Jones and David Brick about what a jam is and what role it can play… read more

ADF Tours

Posted in Festival '10, 2010.

ADF Tours are informative, educational, and fun! Tour participants have the opportunity to observe classes and rehearsals, and watch a short video documenting the Festival’s first 75 years of modern dance. Festival tours are great for individuals, community groups, and… read more