The American Dance Festival is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion, or race.

Year  Round  Employment  (full  time  positions  unless  noted)

All positions currently filled.

Seasonal  Employment

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to American Dance Festival, PO Box 90772, Durham, NC 27708, or e-mail to adf@americandancefestival.org. Applications sent by mail must be postmarked by February 5, 2016.

All ADF Summer Staff positions are contingent upon passing a criminal background check and completing training on policies and issues relating to interactions with Minors (coordinated by Duke University), with the exception of Production Staff.

Positions marked with an asterisk (*) must provide their own transportation.

Dorm Counselors
Deadline to apply: April 1, 2016
The Dorm Counselor position offers a unique opportunity to participate in the American Dance Festival and impact a young dancer’s experience in a profound way. Dorm Counselors live with and provide 24/7 supervision to approximately 40-60 students in the Three Week School (3WS), ages 12-16. Dorm Counselors will play an integral role in the 3WS student experience by providing daily schedule oversight; planning and implementing activities, accompanying students to all classes, meals, activities, and events; providing support for emotional and physical issues and behavioral assessments; and enforcing rules and taking disciplinary action when necessary. Most importantly, Dorm Counselors will be responsible for building and maintaining a positive, supportive, welcoming environment for students with a focus on tolerance, community building, integrity, and respect—both in residential life as well as in the dance studio.

Applicants must be 21 or older and have prior experience working with students between the ages of 12-16 as a babysitter, nanny, teacher, camp counselor, or similar position. Dorm Counselors have a great deal of responsibility and ADF asks candidates interested in this position to carefully consider the magnitude of the position before applying. Dorm Counselors will be expected to work days, nights, and weekends (limited time off will be provided on a rotating basis), and will be interacting with students, school office staff, and parents on a daily basis. Please note that ADF implements a highly restricted cell phone policy for Three Week School students; therefore, Dorm Counselors will be asked to limit their phone and internet usage in front of students with the exception of ADF-related business.

Head Dorm Counselor: in addition to the duties listed above, ADF seeks a Head Dorm Counselor to act as an administrative liaison between the ADF School Office and the Dorm Counselors. The Head Dorm Counselor will oversee the Dorm Counselors, be a primary contact for parents, assist in planning and implementing daily schedules, work with ADF staff to determine and implement disciplinary action in extreme cases, will act as a primary liaison and contact person for 3WS faculty, and be expected to take on additional duties as needed. Applicants must have prior experience in both administration/management and working with students ages 12-16. The ideal candidate has excellent communication and organizational skills, can balance an administrative workload and daily Dorm Counselor responsibilities in a fast-paced environment, and can negotiate sensitive situations with students and parents with integrity, maturity, and composure.

Details and compensation

  • Dorm Counselors
    • Dates of position: July 6 – 31, 2016
    • Fee: $1,100
    • Dorm Counselors will receive an air-conditioned dorm and three meals a day in the Duke University East Campus cafeteria.
  • Head Dorm Counselor
    • Dates of position: June 29 – July 31, 2016
    • Fee: $1,600
    • Head Dorm Counselor will receive an air-conditioned dorm and three meals a day in the Duke University East Campus cafeteria.

In addition to the compensation listed above, all Dorm Counselors will be able to take classes with the Three Week School students, attend ADF events, and receive a complimentary ticket to each performance in the ADF season during their residence (Reynolds Industries Theater and Durham Performing Arts Center performances only).

Please note: all Dorm Counselors must pass a background check and complete online training on policies and issues relating to interactions with Minors (coordinated by Duke University).

Please submit the following application requirements (Dorm Counselors and Head Dorm Counselor)

  • Resumé with relevant Dorm Counselor experience highlighted.
  • Letter of recommendation from a reference who can speak directly about your candidacy for the Dorm Counselor position.
  • 3 references; at least one reference must have been directly involved with your previous Dorm Counselor or childcare experience.

Massage Therapist

ADF requirements:
Must be licensed
Must be willing to work out of Epworth Dorm on Duke’s East Campus
Must be willing to work with similar rates as we have had in past ($35 for students, $45 for staff/faculty)
Work at least 20 hours per week
Experience with dancers is ideal

Massage therapist can:
Make own hours
Use the physical therapy room in Epworth dorm, which comes with 2 massage tables
Take class in the ADF Six Week School
Attend each performance in the 2016 ADF season (http://www.americandancefestival.org/performance/2016-2/)

Dates of Employment: June 16-July 31

Please only reach out if you meet all of the requirements. If interested, send a resume and 2 references to kelsey@americandancefestival.org.



Production Positions (June – July, 2016)
Available positions for 35-plus performance schedule: Production Stage Manager, Technical Director, Master Carpenter, Master Electrician, Sound Technician, and Costume Designer.  Previous dance experience preferred. Please include a cover letter, resume, and the names and phone numbers of three references.

Teaching opportunities

ADF School

As a general rule, the ADF School does not accept unsolicited teaching inquiries. We take the selection of faculty seriously and are constantly examining the dance landscape for exemplary educators. 

ADF Samuel H. Scripps studios

If you are interested in teaching a weekly class or a special workshop at ADF’s Studios, please send your performance/teaching resume and proposed class description to studios@americandancefestival.org. We offer a variety of classes for all ages and levels. Typically, the weekly class schedule is set several months in advance, and special workshops are scheduled on an ongoing basis.