Shen Wei Dance Arts

Posted in Performances '15, 2015.

Shen Wei Dance Arts will kick off the 2015 season with Map (2005) and the ADF-commissioned, UNTITLED #12-2 (2015). The company, founded at ADF in 2000, is celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of producing dazzling works that draw on influences as varied as traditional Chinese culture and arts, European surrealism, American high modernism, and the ritual power of ancient drama. Map, restaged in 2014, now includes a stunning set design with seven immense balloons. Four are globe-shaped and three are cuboid. All are covered with mysterious notations to suggest maps or paths. Set to selections from Steve Reich’s The Desert Music, Map is a glorious exploration of movement possibilities. UNTITLED #12-2 began in Miami at Art Basel where Shen Wei’s paintings provided the inspiration and environment for a dance piece for 12 dancers. The dancers’ movements brought them into abstract compositions that mirrored the paintings surrounding the dance. For ADF, Shen Wei transfers this piece to the stage and expands it beyond the original Miami presentation. With lighting co-designed by Shen Wei and Christina Watanabe and video by Rocco DiSanti, UNTITLED #12-2 promises to be an extraordinary addition to his repertory.