Vertigo Dance Company

Posted in Performances '14, 2014.

The work premiered in Tel Aviv in celebration of the company’s 20th Anniversary (2012), and will be making it’s US premiere here at ADF. Vertigo 20 revisits the company’s own unique history and development throughout the past two decades as well as the choreographer’s own personal struggles as a wife, mother, and one of four daughters. Founded in 1992 by Noa and Adi Sha’al, Vertigo Dance Company began as a two-person collaboration. Vertigo 20 reveals a 12-person cast and a full-stage set design, making this work their largest scale production ever. Over the years, the company has become internationally celebrated not only for their artistic innovation but also for their unwavering commitment to the intersections of creativity, social responsibility, and ecological sustainability. Back in their home-base of Jerusalem, company members rehearse in a mud-walled studio and drink purified rainwater for hydration. Vertigo 20 kicks off the ADF season with two performances, June 12th and 13th, at the Durham Performing Arts Center.