Posted in Performances '14, 2014.


Audience favorite Pilobolus returns this season with two ADF-commissioned premieres, On the Nature of Things and The Inconsistent Pedaler, as well as three additional repertory pieces, Megawatt, Skyscrapers, and Korokoro.

Here you can see a quick glimpse into Skyscrapers, Pilobolus’s collaboration with choreographer Trish Sie. Integrating video with live performance, this work is set against the gritty, saturated colors of L.A.’s eastside streets. Skyscrapers explores the melancholy, understated elegance of the tango in this quick-change duet.

On the Nature of Things explores the power of iconic bodies to tell a story about the birth of desire and its intertwined connection to shame and revenge. Set to vocal music inspired by the classical baroque period, it is both graceful and riveting to watch. The Inconsistent Pedaler is an absurd, acrobatic, and lyrical collaboration between Pilobolus, fiction writer Etgar Keret, and filmmaker Shira Geffen that opens up a mesmerizing physical world.Megawatt is a full-throttle, full-company piece that blends startling energy with an ironic take on the excess state of the world we live in, set to the music of Primus, Radiohead, and Squarepusher. Korokoro blends Pilobolus’s signature partnering with the atmospheric styling of collaborator Takuya Muramatsu, creating a world of surreal physicality that is interested in the making and unmaking of heroes.

Pilobolus will perform at the Durham Performing Arts Center June 26-28 at 8pm, with a children’s matinee June 28 at 1pm.