Adele Myers & Dancers

Posted in Performances '14, 2014.

Adele Myers’ formative life as a mover began with ballet, track and field events, baton twirling, balancing on top of big red oil drums rolling down steep hills, and other fearless feats of childhood daredeviltry, all of which seriously informed the kind of dancer and choreographer she would become. In 2000 Adele Myers began her company, Adele Myers and Dancers, as a part of her MFA thesis project at Florida State University. Now a New England based contemporary dance company of four women, the company has been presented in NYC and in over 50 venues in all six states in the New England region.

ADF is delighted to present Einstein’s Happiest Thought, a multi-disciplinary work that delves into the charged physical states of risk and anticipation. The show will run June 30-July 2 at Reynolds Industries Theater. All performances begin at 8pm.