Yang Meiqi

Posted in 80 Faces, 2013.

The 1986 meeting of Yang Meiqi, Principal of the Guangdong Dance Academy, and ADF Director Charles L. Reinhart led to an important partnership in the development of the burgeoning modern dance movement in China. The following year, ADF’s first international linkages program allowed international choreographers, dancers, and educators to travel to Guangzhou, China to work with the Guangdong Dance Academy, and the first modern dance program in China was born.

 In 2010, Ms. Yang received the Balasaraswati/Joy Anne Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching from ADF for her tireless work developing the art form in her native country.

 In today’s 80 Faces, Mr. Reinhart and former Guangdong Dance Academy student and ADF perennial favorite Shen Wei speak of Ms. Yang’s lasting impact on modern dance in China.