Meredith Monk

Posted in 80 Faces, 2013.

One of the most popular videos on ADF’s YouTube channel is Meredith Monk’s Fondest ADF Memory, first posted in 2008. Her story has over eleven thousand views (and counting).

1970 Meredith Monk

Meredith Monk ca. 1970
Photo: ADF Archives

Needle-Brain Lloyd and the Systems Kid (1970) was her first performance at ADF, and memorable for all involved. “We had a nice theater up there at Connecticut College,” remembers ADF Director Emeritus Charles L. Reinhart, “but Meredith said, ‘No, not the theater.’”

Ms. Monk remarks, “It was sort of my thing to be an enfant terrible during that time—I didn’t want to fit into what we used to call ‘the system’ at all… So here we are at Connecticut College with the green lawn, every blade of grass in perfect condition. Now, can you imagine going to Charlie and telling him, ‘I would like to have the New London Motorcycle Club come with their twenty-five motorcycles’? And I have to tell you that he did not bat an eye.”

“It got a little tight with the administration, as you can imagine, once we went down this menu of things that were gonna happen to this manicured lawn,” adds Mr. Reinhart. The administration “just looked and me and said, ‘That grass better be perfect the next morning at 8 a.m.’ And I said, ‘but of course, but of course!’

“The next day, I got out of town so fast you wouldn’t believe it.”

Original 1970 Program, ADF Archives

Monk 1970 program 02