Charles L. Reinhart

Posted in 80 Faces, 2013.

Charles L. Reinhart served as Director of the American Dance Festival from 1968 until his retirement in 2011. During his 43-year tenure, he transformed the festival into an international destination for modern dance. He developed international linkages with dance artists and educators across the world, supported emerging and experienced choreographers in the commissioning of new works, and created a home for the continued development of the art form, always with the support of the artist at the forefront of his mission.

“I think modern dance is above language, country, and culture,” remarks Mr. Reinhart. “We’re interested in people having the opportunity to take classes, develop their own work, and if that work is good, to be seen. Our commitment is to the talented choreographer, established and young. If they need dancers, we try to train dancers. They want their works to be seen; we give them opportunities to perform. That’s really what the ADF is about.”

Today, Mr. Reinhart is ADF Director Emeritus and serves on the ADF Board of Directors. He remains an active and engaged champion of modern dance.