ADF Archives Interns

Posted in 80 Faces, 2013.

The ADF Archives is a veritable treasure trove of rare documents, striking dance footage, and photographs that capture the distinct fleeting moments of times past. ADF has documented the festival throughout its eighty years, maintaining a rich source of material from 1934 until today.

Archivist Dean Jeffrey manages the ADF Archives and works closely with the Duke University Libraries to ensure year-round accessibility and availability of the archival material to interested researchers and scholars. “We create a record of each summer festival, and we also collect videos, photos, and personal papers from individuals and other institutions that contribute to a broader history of modern dance.”

Every year, Mr. Jeffrey has the pleasure of working with a diverse group of interns who come from across the country to experience the festival. The summer intern program is a central component to the success of every season and interns can work in a wide range of programs. In today’s 80 Faces, we speak with ADF Interns Silvia Sheffield and Kristy Ganssle about their experiences working in the ADF Archives this summer. Ms. Sheffield and Ms. Ganssle talk about what excites them most about their work and what they look forward to most this summer.