Anna Halprin

Posted in 80 Faces, 2013.

Anna Halprin is a San Francisco Bay Area-based dancer and choreographer, best known for her groundbreaking work as founder of the San Francisco Dancer’s Workshop in 1955. She has enjoyed an illustrious career as a dance theater artist since the late 1930s and has presented work many times on the ADF stage. Ms. Halprin is also one of the few artists to receive two distinguished ADF awards: the Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Chair for Distinguished Teaching in 1996 and the Samuel H. Scripps/American Dance Festival Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1997. Today, she continues to perform, travel, and teach across the globe.


Above, ADF Director Emeritus Charles L. Reinhart recounts the impact Ms. Halprin made in early 1960s modern dance, and the ways she has touched ADF.