Alex Katz

Posted in 80 Faces, 2013.

1979 Poster

Acclaimed visual artist Alex Katz has a lengthy association with the modern dance world. He designed sets and costumes for choreographer Paul Taylor for nearly three decades and befriended ADF Director Emeritus Charles L. Reinhart during the latter’s tenure as manager for the Paul Taylor Dance Company in the 1960s.


Years later, Mr. Reinhart asked Mr. Katz to lend his visual talents to design the ADF season poster. Since creating his first in 1976, Mr. Katz has now produced nine, most recently to coincide with the 2011 ADF Season Dedication in his honor. “Charlie was such a terrific guy to me and made things easy for me with Paul,” remembers Mr. Katz. “So when he asked me to create posters, there’s no way I could say no.”


2011 Poster


“One of our great painters and an inspirational creative force in the dance world, Alex Katz challenged the master choreographers Paul Taylor and others to extend their artistic boundaries by integrating his brilliant concepts, sets, and costumes into the moving palette of dance,” states Mr. Reinhart. “Mr. Katz moves from the frozen image of painting to the moving visual art of dance with the fluidity of a dancer.”