Six Week School | Final Reflections

Posted in 2012, School '12.

Yesterday marked the final day of another incredible season here at the American Dance Festival. During our final week, we sat down with our three Six Week School students Rachel, Lisa and Johnnie to chat about their experiences this summer and what their next steps are in their early dance careers.

One underlying theme was that all three students were challenged to think in new ways about movement, about their bodies, and to push beyond their own limitations. They were exposed to new dance companies, experimented with different movement techniques, and were able to take part in student showings, Footprints performances and a multitude of dance education.

The journey of our Six Week School students in many ways marks a similar experience by the ADF staff, and we at Blog in particular. We work hard and push ourselves in ways we didn’t think possible to deliver six and a half weeks of outstanding programming and educational opportunities to our audience—and we learn so much along the way. To you, our extended ADF community, we thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We look forward to what the coming months have in store for ADF—the opening of public classes at Scripps Studios on September 10th one particular highlight—and we are already counting down to next year!