Brian Brooks Moving Company

Posted in Performances '12, 2012.


Brian Brooks Moving Company returns to ADF this year with their distinctive and riveting use of space, movement, music and design. Presenting new work Big City among others, choreographer Brian Brooks has created a show that explores the multi-faceted ways in which the body adapts and reacts to extreme physical situations.

“Each of the works explores an aspect of human endurance,” he states. “We are really interested in investigating these ideas of athleticism and perseverance in a physical way.” Drawing upon an eclectic mix of dance techniques, sport, parkour and street dance, Mr. Brooks creates movement by exploring key ideas—construction, isolation, constriction, and propulsion, to name a few—that drive the overarching concept of the show. “Whatever physicality that comes in to support the idea under investigation, I let into the studio. For me, the blending of those different dance styles is very intuitive—it’s really trying to harness the energy and the flow instinctively.”

Brian Brooks Moving Company runs through Thursday, July 19th at Reynolds Industries Theater at Duke University. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.