ADF Faculty Concert

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    The ADF Faculty Concert is a wonderful opportunity for our community to experience the talents of ADF faculty members. Representing a broad range of modern dance techniques and styles, the Faculty Concert is a fun and lively show open to students, staff and the public—and a wonderful way to see our educators in action!   Watch ADF School Co-Dean Gerri Houlihan as she rehearses her piece entitled Throb—an excerpt from her evening-length work Change of Heart—with two dancers from Florida State University. “It’s a great way to honor our instructors,” she remarks. “I think sometimes dance educators can be overlooked, so the Faculty Concert is a meaningful way to celebrate their talents every year.”   The ADF Faculty Concert runs at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. today, Sunday, July 8th at Reynolds Industries Theater at Duke University. Please click here for more information and to purchase tickets.