Kyle Abraham / Abraham.In.Motion

Posted in Performances '12, 2012.

    Kyle Abraham, one of today’s most provocative new artists, makes his ADF company debut this week with 2010’s award-winning The Radio Show. Performed by Mr. Abraham and accompanied by six Abraham.In.Motion dancers, the piece examines the breakdown of communication within a community and is tremendously autobiographical—inspired in part by his family’s experience with aphasia and Alzheimer’s as well as the discontinuation of a radio show in his hometown of Pittsburg. Mr. Abraham states, “It’s such a personal piece that every time we perform it, I go back and relive all of those emotions.”   Mr. Abraham exudes an infectious enthusiasm and is excited to share his passion on the ADF stage. He lists a master class with The ADF School amongst the highlights of his visit this summer, and he looks forward to absorbing the energy of the festival during his company run.   Don’t miss out on your chance to catch The Radio Show, set on Reynolds Industries Theater at Duke University through Thursday. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.