Dance Professionals Workshop | Dancer Profile

Posted in 2012, School '12.

    Dance professionals often have action-packed summers. Performances, commissions, and preparation for the upcoming academic year often leaves little time to invest in one’s own personal growth and development as a dancer.   Enter the ADF Dance Professionals Workshop, which gives dance artists two options to take advantage of the world-class educational opportunities available each summer. For those with limited time, the DPW Dance Sampler allows the artist to select a self-guided exploration of classes offered in the Six Week School. For those looking for a more immersive experience, the DPW Intensive allows dance professionals an individualized exchange with ADF faculty and the opportunity to connect with other dance artists in the field.   Cara Hagan is one such dance artist. A Carolina-based dancer and educator, she is taking part in this year’s Dance Professionals Workshop Intensive program for the first time. Her busy summer includes trips to New York to work with her twin sister (and frequent dance partner) Mackenzie on a new commissioned work, as well as preparing for her fall term at High Point University, where she serves on faculty and will be implementing the curriculum for their new Dance Minor program.  DPW affords her the chance to spend some time exploring, growing and reconnecting with other professionals in her field.   For more information about ADF’s Dance Professionals Workshop, click here. For a glimpse of some of Cara Hagan’s work, check out her Movies By Movers project!