ADF Program Printing

Posted in Behind the Scenes '10, 2010.

For the past three years, Classic Graphics has printed the ADF programs. This year CyberDance jumped at the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the process of how thousands upon thousands of Festival programs are stitched every summer. Get stitched? What does that mean exactly? Every week, the inserts (also known as “uncommon guts”) are stapled into the part of the program that always stays the same (also known as “common guts”). A simple process, but an unusual visual feast for lovers of rhythm and repitition! Also, the ADF would like to extend its gratitude to Classic Graphics for donating invitations to the 2010 ADF Gala, which benefits the ADF Scholarship Fund.
Ethnomusicologist James Koetting’s “Postal Office Music”, recorded at the University of Ghana in 1975, is the soundtrack for this video.